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Ridge Rider News
For twelve years, 1998 ~ 2008, Ridge Rider News was published and
weekly by Wayne L. Carter of Pontotoc, Mississippi. Wayne
retired recently (10/20/10)
as a Retail Technology Consultant for a
wholesale grocer.
Ridge Rider News is no longer being produced, but
Wayne continues to share his world through www.bodockpost.com and
Our Purpose
The  purpose of Ridge Rider News is to inform, entertain, and provide its readers
with the most up-to-date news and occurrences concerning the Carter family and
their friends and acquaintances.
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Religious Freedom
The article that helped birth this
newsletter and more.
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and milestones
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Family of Wayne and Barbara
Our Pleasure
Our greatest pleasure in sharing our newsletter is found in the occasional
comments shared by others who find our writing interesting or else enjoy the humor
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Our Promise
Ours is a family-friendly newsletter. Our promise to the reader is keep the contents
of our site so wholesome that one would not be embarrassed to read it aloud in
mixed company or with children present
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