Purpose Reaffirmed Leaving A Legacy

Ridge Rider News and it's Internet equivalent, Ridge Rider News Online, are employed as methods of describing and detailing the lives and times of this writer's personal interests, his family, and friends. RRN and RRN Online are viewed, by this writer, as no more than an accounting of these events. Whether or not they are viewed as such by others is of little concern to this writer.

"Responsible journalism is journalism responsible in the last analysis to the editor's own conviction of what, whether interesting or only important, is in the public interest" (Walter Lippmann).

To hold this newsletter accountable to the standards of journalism of professional publications is ludicrous. To believe this newsletter exists for the purpose of molding the opinion of others is to elevate the publisher's motive to unrealistic idealism. To expect this newsletter to express opinions less pointedly or less strongly is to deny the purpose of expressing opinions. Anyway, who would find a milquetoast opinion interesting?

This writer recognizes the right of every individual to have an opinion about anything and everything. (That includes even an opinion about this newsletter or its publisher.) While some persons are fearful of having their opinions criticized by others, and therefore keep silent their thoughts, this writer does not belong to such a group. It is important to note this writer does not seek the praise of peers to the aggrandizement of personal ego.

Subscribers to this newsletter are beneficiaries of reading history in the making, albeit, a history of limited scope. Persons who find editorial comment in this newsletter critical or otherwise distasteful according to their standards are encouraged to first ask themselves if the material violates a personal conviction. If so, theirs is the right to disagree, a right cherished, coveted, and honored by this writer. Letters To The Editor is a recourse open to all readers. If opinions expressed by this writer are viewed by the reader as being too harsh or too judgmental, then the reader may elect to not read the offending portions or else exercise the ultimate form of censorship, discontinuance of his subscription.

I have attempted to clarify the purpose of this newsletter in past writings. Let me state my purpose once again. Most of us are interested in knowing who we are and where our roots are. I have learned the answers to many of the "who am I, where did I come from" questions from my parents, grandparents, and other relatives. The bulk of that information was handed down in the oral tradition. It is my desire to provide, through this journal of thoughts and experiences, a window into which subsequent descendants may view the daily lives of their ancestors. If, through this window, my descendants gain a better understanding into who they are and from whence they came, I will have accomplished my purpose. 8/22/1998

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