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Special Interest
It took approximately
fifty-three years for us
discover the joy of writing.
After about a year of
journalizing we began Ridge
Rider News and mailed
copies to three households.
Our reasons to initiate a
weekly newsletter were
varied but would most
certainly include a desire to
leave a written record for our
descendants, while using
our pen to vent a few
frustrations.  To our great
surprise, our readership grew as friends heard about our venture.  An even
greater surprise was to discover that folks actually enjoyed our writing.

As the years clicked by, maintaining what started largely as a hobby became a
more and more demanding endeavor, with respect to our personal time. Thus,
on the anniversary of our twelfth year of publication we chose to "close shop."

Ridge Rider News, the newsletter, is officially retired. However, this website will
remain open for the foreseeable future, allowing family and friends and all
others interested in our writing to peruse our archives of six hundred twenty-six
weekly issues.

Our pen will likely remain active but not for the benefit of Ridge Rider News.  At
this time, a joint venture is being considered by two friends plus this writer to
produce an email-only monthly publication.  Plans are still preliminary, but a
September '08 issue is a real possibility.

Persons interested in receiving our first issue should contact us by completing
our comment form.
Epilogue - July 2008