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The News Spy Software Experience – Scam or Legit? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Online trading has become a fascinating topic in recent years, mainly because people can make money from the comfort of their home trading financial assets. However, what some people don’t realize is that without the right knowledge of the financial markets, you are unlikely to make money trading online. Market experts have always maintained that proper knowledge and understanding of the markets is key to becoming a successful trader. You don’t buy an asset simply because you think the price will go up over a certain period of time. You have to consider several factors that will impact price movements, such as news reports, company profile, price analysis and a host of indicators. 

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Although you know that financial news reports play a crucial role in the performance of an asset, it is quite hard to determine which ones to focus on since there are thousands of financial news stories released daily. This makes it hard for traders to keep track of what is essential to their trading activities. 

This is where The News Spy has proven to be effective, accurate and profitable.  

The News Spy is an innovative and useful software that saves you the stress of scouring the news by quickly and effectively scanning hundreds of relevant news sources and identifying the news reports that are most likely to have an impact on the prices of financial assets. Analysts proceed to rank the information gathered and produce a trading signal, which the trader uses to place a trade. The News Spy has made it practically easy for traders to obtain the relevant news and to make accurate trading decisions based on them. Let us look at the News Spy software in more detail. 


The News Spy Trading Review – Here is Everything You Need to Know About the Software

Although The News Spy trading software has received many positive reviews from its users, we are going to review this trading tool and discuss everything you need to know about it. Does this powerful and effective software boost trading accuracy? Can it scour the internet and fish out relevant news content? Can new traders effectively use the software to trade assets and make money in the process? The primary aim of this review is to identify both the advantages and disadvantages of using The News Spy software, thus allowing you to make an informed decision when considering making it a part of your trading arsenal. 

While carrying out an in-depth review of this software, we realized that several users on multiple platforms are using The News Spy tool to make money while trading financial assets. Most of the users have testified to averaging over $1,500 daily. From the testimonies, it was clear that The News Spy software works and it has enabled people to make money online trading hundreds of financial assets. After reading the reviews, it was time for us to test out the software and the services it offers. 


What is The News Spy Software?

From the name, it is evident that the tool has something to do with news reports. The News Spy software is a news intelligence hub that works effectively to generate trading signals for traders, after carefully analyzing the markets. The software achieves this by effectively combining human analysis carried out by professional analysts and traders, together with automated news collection. The combination of these two, leads to excellent performance, unmatched by a wide range of tools. The News Spy software can accurately identify potentially profitable trading opportunities with the help of the news collection and market analysis. 

John Mayers is one of the earliest investors in cryptocurrency and is well-known within the trading world due to the success he has attained over the years. Mayers is the creator of The News Spy software and other advanced and intuitive auto-trading platforms. Over the years, his software and platform have made it possible for many people to make money online trading cryptocurrencies with ease, right from the comfort of their homes. 

Mayers ensured that The News Spy software is user-friendly and can be used by both novice and experienced traders. The software works by collecting and analyzing numerous trading data gathered from several news platforms, as well as market analysis, and countless online media outlets. The News Spy software collects the relevant financial markets data and passes it on to expert analysts and traders who proceed to analyze the signals and generate profitable trading signals. The signals indicate which assets to trade, when to trade them, and when to close the trades. Because The News Spy software does most of the work, virtually anyone can use the tool to make money online. Even if you don’t have previous trading experience or understand the financial markets, The News Spy software is perfect for you. 

One of the biggest perks of The News Spy software is the speed at which the tool analyzes the market news and determines which news releases are relevant. To become a successful financial market trader, you must analyze and understand the markets as it will lead to success in your trades. However, if you are doing the analysis yourself, it could take you hours to properly analyze the markets and place trades, by which time, the trading opportunities might have passed. In addition to this, you will need to acquire analytical skills to analyze the markets effectively. However, with The News Spy software, you don’t have to do any of this. The software automatically analyzes the markets for you, saving you hours you would have otherwise spent in front of a computer. The trading experts take over and generate trading signals for you, highlighting the profitable trading opportunities available in the market at that time. When you follow the signals generated by the experts, you will make profits from trading financial assets. 

Another significant advantage of The News Spy software is that it continuously scans the markets, 24 hours a day and all days of the week. This is to ensure that traders don’t lose profitable trading opportunities and it allows them to enjoy the flexibility to trade whenever it is convenient for them to. 


How Does the News Spy Trading Platform Work?

Market Analysis

One of the primary functions of The News Spy trading software is that it carries out market analysis for the traders. The software searches several online media outlets and gathers relevant financial news that could lead to a price movement, either positive or negative. The analysis by The News Spy is unique because it is a step ahead of the market, which means that you get to know what will happen even before the general market reacts and the price changes. As a result of this, even for novice and less experienced traders, knowing what will happen before it actually does will give you a massive head start and it will allow you to position your trade positively. The relevant news gathered by the software is analyzed by trading experts and analysts who proceed to rank the events based on their ability to affect the markets. They generate trading signals that are accurate, easy to understand, and highly likely to create a profit for you in the process. The signals generated reveal to traders which assets to trade, and also when to open and close the trades. 

Automated Trading

The ability of the software to automatically enter and exit trades on behalf of the user is another massive advantage of The News Spy trading software. As soon as a trading signal is generated, the software proceeds to place either a buy or a sell order, depending on the signal generated. This implies that the trader doesn’t have to be available 24 hours to take charge of the trading signals, saving the users’ hours they would otherwise spend in front of a computer. You also don’t need to understand the financial markets to use The News Spy software effectively. Since the system is automated, The News Spy automatically executes trades on your behalf after trading signals have been generated. However, you do need to set up your preferred trading parameters including the assets you wish to trade, how much you want to spend on trading per day, your risk level, and more. Thus, once a signal matches your trading parameters, the software automatically executes the trade on your behalf. To set up your trading parameters, you will be required to spend a few minutes every day setting your trading preferences. The tool takes over from there and does everything for you. It practically eliminates everything that could negatively affect your trading process and ensure that you make profits. 

Does Away With Emotional Trading

Our emotions usually get in the way of our trading, in most cases leading us to record losses on our trades. However, The News Spy software eliminates emotional trading and replaces it with logic and market analysis. As a trader using The News Spy, you don’t have to be afraid of losing your money or closing a trade too early or leaving it open for too long. The software takes care of everything for you; thus, you don’t get affected by greed and other emotions that would otherwise lead you to lose money. The News Spy ensures that trades are only placed based on pure statistics and analysis. The accuracy of using the software ensures that your trades become successful, and you make money in the process. 


A Test of The News Spy Demo Account

One of the most crucial benefits of using The News Spy is that it offers users the opportunity to try out their trading signals using a demo account. A demo account is a trial account that allows users to try out trading using virtual funds. It presents an excellent opportunity for traders to understand the trading environment and to test out the various strategies they have before they start trading with real money. With the demo account, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the features available on the trading platform and to avoid losing money due to inexperience. 

The demo account is useful for new traders and can be beneficial to the experienced traders also. New traders can use the demo account to understand how the platform and the financial markets work, allowing them to make more informed trading decisions. Experienced traders meanwhile can use the demo account to test out their various trading strategies and to determine which ones will be profitable for them. It will also help them decide if the trading signals align with their own trading analysis. 


Why Trade Financial Assets with The News Spy Software?

The financial markets are very complicated and are known to move at all times. The movements are caused by several factors, which can be tedious for a person to track if they decide to carry out manual analysis at all times. It would involve a lot of work and would consume a bulk of your time. However, with The News Spy tool, you don’t have to worry about the long hours and tedious research. The tool is specifically designed to do all the hard work on your behalf and to present you with potentially profitable trading options as soon as they arise.

To understand its importance, here are the reasons why you should use the software to trade financial assets online. 

Increase in Investment

Over the past few decades, trading online has served as great way for people to boost their income and increase their investment portfolio. The emergence of the internet has seen some people become full time online traders, earning money trading financial assets from the comfort of their home, and able to pay bills with this income. Automated trading has come to the limelight and presents people with the opportunity to boost their earnings and grow their finances by trading online. Some traders have averaged over $1,500 a day trading their favorite assets. When you visit the News Spy website, you will encounter the testimonies of several users of the tool who have made money trading assets with the help of the software. It is evident that the News Spy tool has helped a lot of people gain financial freedom. 

Multiple Platforms Supported

Regardless of your preference, the News Spy software supports various trading platforms. When you sign up to the use the software, you will be given the option to choose any one of the numerous brokers on the platform. It is from the broker’s trading platforms that you can access the financial markets and the assets available for you to trade. The brokers support multiple trading platforms of which you can choose from, depending on your preference. The News Spy vets all the brokers it works with to ensure that they provide traders with efficient and seamless trading platforms which are compatible with the software. As a result of this, you don’t have to search for brokers that will support the News Spy because all brokers listed on the site are compatible with the software. You can be rest assured that the brokers selected are some of the best in the industry and they are known for their reliability and professional attitude towards their services. 

Excellent Track Record

Although the News Spy software and the trading experts generate trading signals, we decided to investigate the accuracy of their predictions. We found out that their signals produce impressive results for traders. While most trading software advertises their tools to be 100% efficient, the News Spy doesn’t do that. Regardless of the success rate recorded by software, it is impossible to record 100% success all the time. This is because the market conditions change all the time and traders encounter losses. Any trading software that promises a 100% success rate is most likely a scam. The News Spy effectively scans the market and presents traders with signals that are highly likely to end up as profits for the traders. Although not 100%, the News Spy software has a success rate of over 90%, which is very high considering that the market changes all the time. 

Multiple Signals Daily

Traders get to enjoy various trading signals when using the News Spy tool. This is because the software scans the markets 24/7 in search of relevant news content and passes them to market experts who analyze the news and provide traders with potentially profitable trading signals. The software runs 24/7 to ensure that traders don’t miss excellent trading opportunities and they also can get to trade financial assets at their convenient time. The multiple trading signals make it possible for you to boost your profit potential. After setting your trading parameters, the software will generate trading signals and execute trades on your behalf. In most cases, the trading opportunities are numerous in a day, and the more you enter, the higher your potential profit. 


Smartphone Adaptability 

Another significant benefit of using the News Spy software is that it gives you the opportunity to trade using your smartphone. Since smartphones can be carried around, it means that you can trade comfortably even while you are on the move. With today’s mobile world, most people don’t have much free time, and the ones they do, usually spend this time on a commute or doing other activities. With the smartphone adaptability, you can easily use the News Spy software and trade your favorite financial assets while on the move. 

Technical Features 

Mayers designed the News Spy software to carry out all the hard but essential market analysis for you. In addition to the expert analysis, you will only be required to choose the signals you wish to trade and proceed to place your order. Mayers has basically made trading easy for everyone. Your trading parameters will determine the trading signals that will be generated for you. Even without prior trading experience, you can easily set up your trading parameters by choosing your favorite assets, the amount you wish to invest in each trade, the risk level, the maximum profit you want to make per day, and your daily stop loss. The News Spy software is automated; thus, you don’t have to place your orders manually. Unless, of course, you wish to, in which case, you can switch to the manual trading mode. 

Demo Account

The presence of demo accounts allows you to try out your trading strategies and understand how the platform works before you stake real money. You can quickly try out your strategies without the fear of losing money. It also represents an excellent opportunity to see how the process works in order to enable you to effectively trade in the future. 


Can You Make Money Using The News Spy Software?

Yes, you can. Over the past few years, the News Spy software has allowed people to make money trading their favorite financial assets. However, the amount you wish to make is entirely up to you. It will depend on your trading parameters such as the amount you invest, how often you trade, your risk level, and more. After testing the News Spy software, we were able to make over $6,000 in just two weeks of using the tool. The reviews and testimonials so far have revealed that some traders make above $1,500 per day using the tool. Based on this, the profit potential is unlimited, and it depends on your trading preferences. Despite its advantages, it is essential to acknowledge that trading is a risky venture. You could lose your money when you don’t trade as you should. You must take the necessary steps to protect your profits and ensure that you minimize the risks involved in trading. 

The steps you need to take in order to reduce risks of trading include:

Use Effective Trading Tools

There are several trading tools online. However, to adequately protect your investment and profits, you must use only effective trading tools that will ensure trading success and accuracy. The News Spy software is one such software. The tool effectively analyzes the markets for you and generates accurate trading signals. 

Start Small 

It is recommended that you start small when investing in the financial markets. After making profits, you can scale up your investment. When using the News Spy software, the minimum deposit required is $250. This working capital is enough to kick start your trading career on the platform. You can be rest assured that the money you make is entirely yours as the News Spy software doesn’t charge any fees or attach hidden costs to your trades. As you understand how the market works and you make more profits, you can increase your investment amount. 

Invest Only Amount That You Can Afford to Lose 

As mentioned earlier, trading is a risky venture. The market is unpredictable, and you can lose some of your money along the line. Thus, it is advised that you only stake what you can afford to lose. Don’t use everything you have to invest in the financial markets. Thus, another reason why the $250 deposit requirement by News Spy software is so reasonable. When trading online, you mustn’t go above the limits of your financial possibilities.

Set Up Your Trading Parameters

As mentioned several times in this review, setting up your trading preference is vital to your trading success and it only takes a few minutes a day to do so. The News Spy software works with your trading parameters to generate trading signals. Thus, it is best that you take the time to understand the various options available and how they can affect your trading activities. Keep in mind that you can change your trading parameters whenever you wish to. 


Why You Should Trade Bitcoin with The News Spy Software

Over the past decade, cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity. The prices of Bitcoin and other cryptos are highly volatile, making them excellent trading assets. To put this into perspective, in 2017, the price of the leading crypto surged to its all-time high of $20,000 per coin but dramatically plunged to $3,400 by December 2018. It has started to recover since the start of 2019, going up by more than 150% during that period. The volatility of cryptos makes them excellent assets for traders who wish to make money while trading online. 

Despite the opportunities it presents, it is hard to analyze the crypto markets and to determine the directional movement of a cryptocurrency. The News Spy trading software has proven useful in this area. The tool scans the markets and collects relevant information and hands the relevant news over to the market experts. The analysts proceed to analyze the data and generate trading signals that tell traders the expected directional movement of the cryptocurrencies. Once the signals are generated, the News Spy Trading software takes over and executes trades automatically on behalf of the traders. With the help of the News Spy trading software, trading Bitcoin and other digital currencies have been made much more comfortable, more accurate, and profitable. 

The News Spy trading software has been designed to make it easy for both experienced and novice traders to use the tool to trade cryptocurrencies. Users don’t need prior trading experience or an in-depth understanding of the financial markets to trade cryptos. The News Spy trading software generates the signals and executes the trades automatically on your behalf. Basically, you get to make money trading while avoiding the stress involved. 


How to Start Trading Using The News Spy – Step by Step

Mayers has made it easy for users to set up the News Spy Trading software and use it. To start using the software, simply visit the News Spy official website and register. The registration requirements on the News Spy take just a few minutes, and you can deposit your funds and start trading immediately. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to trade financial assets using The News Spy trading software:


When you visit the News Spy official website, you will see a short registration form. You will be required to provide essential details such as your full name, email address, and a password. It is recommended that the password should be a strong one to ensure that your account is safe from hackers. The News Spy software takes the safety of your information and funds very seriously, thus the recommendation to use a strong password. The next step will require you to provide your country of residence and a mobile phone number. After providing these details, you can submit your application, and your News Spy account will be opened instantly. 


After opening an account, you will need to fund your News Spy trading account. Although the software is easy to use, you will need money for trading assets. The minimum deposit amount is $250, and it will serve as your trading capital. The News Spy software works with some of the leading brokers in the industry, who will provide you with excellent trading platforms that would tend to all your needs. The trading platforms offer secure banking options where you can deposit and withdraw your money safely at all times. The trading platforms will also give you access to a wide range of resources such as educational materials, trading tools, demo accounts as well as very professional customer service. 

Demo Trading

To help you understand how the platform and the financial markets work, the News Spy trading software provides you with a demo account. The demo accounts enable traders to test their strategies and to gain a better understanding of the markets before staking real money on a trade. 


After using the demo account and understanding how the platform works, you can proceed to start trading. Set up your trading parameters on the News Spy trading software, and the tool will carry on from there. The News Spy trading software will scan the markets and identify potentially profitable trading opportunities and it will execute the trades on your behalf if the market conditions are met. However, if you wish to be in control of your trading activities, you can do so by switching to the manual mode on the News Spy trading software. 

Basically, it is effortless to use the software for trading purposes. 


Final Word – Is The News Spy Trading Software Legit or Not?

After reviewing the services offered by The News Spy trading software, we can conclude that the tool is legit. The software has been tested to accurately and effectively scan and analyze numerous financial news platforms and to determine the most relevant ones. The relevant news contents are handed over to market experts who generate profitable trading signals from them and send it to the traders to take action. After testing the software for over two weeks, we can highly recommend it to traders since it is legit and it really works. The News Spy Trading software is an excellent way for traders to effectively trade financial assets and to make money in the process. It drastically reduces human error and ensures that you make money while trading, even if you are not in front of your computer.

The analysis team behind The News Spy trading boosts its credibility. The team is comprised of expert analysts and traders with years of experience, thus, enabling the software to perform better than the other automated trading tools out there on the market. In addition to this, The News Spy software is easy to use and works for both beginning and experienced financial market traders. 

After going through the details of this software and testing it, we can highly recommend The News Spy trading software. 

The News Spy FAQs

Although we have reviewed the services offered by The News Spy software in detail, we are adding a frequently asked questions section to answer some of the other questions you might have regarding this software and how it works.   

What is the Payment Withdrawal Process on The News Spy platform?

Withdrawing your earnings from the News Spy is easy. All deposited funds belong to you, 100%, thus, you can withdraw them whenever you wish to. All you need to do is fill in the withdrawal request form provided by the News Spy, provide the required identification documents and the funds will appear in your account in less than 72 hours after your request has been processed and accepted. The News Spy doesn’t charge fees for the services it offers. 

Is There a Mobile App for The News Spy?

No. however, you can trade your favorite assets using the News Spy trading software from your mobile phone browser. The software is compatible with a wide range of browsers, thus, allowing you to trade even while on the move. 

Does the News Spy Trading Software Support a Demo Account?

Yes, it does. The News Spy Trading software grants users access to a demo account where they can learn how the platform works or test their trading strategies. The demo account comes with virtual funds that you can use to try out your trading activities before investing real money. 

Can You Make Money Online Using The News Spy App?

The short answer is yes, you can. Some traders who use the software have reported making over $1,500 per day. However, the profit potential when using the News Spy trading tool is limitless. It all depends on your trading parameters and how committed you are to trading assets. 

Was The News Spy Featured on Dragons’ Den? 

The News Spy Trading software was featured on Dragon’s Den in 2018. Deborah Meaden deposited $250 into her trading account and got an opportunity to use the software and see how it works.