Microsoft dismissed the session beating Apple as the largest listed company on Wall Street. The last time the Redmond technology was worth more than the iPhone manufacturer was at the end of May 2010. The rollover is explained because the actions of the Cupertino firm were left during the month of November 16% of its value, after present results that disappointed investors.

The margin is, in any case, very narrow. Microsoft closed the day with a valuation of 851.220 million dollars while Apple quoted to 847.430 million. The scoring has lasted all week. On Tuesday and Wednesday, he already exceeded him several times during the session. But until the final bell on Friday, it was not clear if the owner of the Windows operating system was going to be able to wrest the scepter from the maker of Mac computers, his eternal rival.

When Apple surpassed Microsoft for the first time, its value was around 226,000 million. From there it went back to overcome the trillion dollars of valuation last August. Amazon followed a few weeks later. But the iPhone business, its flagship product, hit the roof two years ago while the IT firm is consolidating itself as the second most powerful company in the emerging data management business, where it competes with Amazon and Google.

Despite the bump that suffered in November, Apple continues to maintain an appreciation of more than 5% in the year. But Microsoft’s performance was much stronger, with a 30% increase since the beginning of 2018 and almost 5% in the month. And that despite the fact that technology stocks are suffering an important punishment on Wall Street. The Nasdaq has been moving in the correction zone for weeks and this week it became negative for the year.

Apple became the largest company listed in 2012. Then exceeded in stock market valuation ExxonMobil oil company, which had six years at the top. General Electric, which is going through a deep crisis, was at the top of Wall Street three years earlier. Microsoft was also the largest company listed in 2002 and during the technological values boom, in 1998 and 1999. It thus recovered a place that corresponded 16 years ago.


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