A restaurant that displays the art of preparing dishes composed of a multitude of ingredients, all equally protagonists, and many of them native Colombians. The freshness and greenery of crunchy lettuce with goat cheese, nuts, pickled melon and basil vinaigrette: a festival of flavors in a simple and pleasant dish.

The fried cubed coastal cheese with cane sugar. An exception with only two ingredients. Rich alternative for our cheeses, meritorious for the ingredients, although with a dose of creative ingenuity it could reach a greater dimension.

The Pacific achiotado spaghetti, a multicolored dish, with the pasta made with the dye of the achiote, shrimp and squid pieces, the eastern bock choy cabbage, green bean sprouts, with a bottom of smoked fish, a wonderful and healthy creation.

Tortelli stuffed with arracacha and gouda cheese, seasoned with a formidable juice of cornstarch, sage foam, covered with crispy carrots and pieces of palette steak. He deserves a big round of applause for the surprising and unimaginable tusa juice.

At my request, they gave me a glass of tusa juice in the restaurant and, really, I was delighted. A great exaltation of the tusa! I have known only two cases of dishes in Colombia that incorporate tusa as edible a broth of corn, onion, potato and fresh tusa, first roasted and then cooked. Another is the cundiboyacense dish called mazorco, prepared with the already fermented tusa and corn.

Pork belly with peanut puree, caramelized pears and jungle arugula, a very harmonious and interesting “trieja” – pair of three – extreme salt, sweet and acidity.

Another applause for the non-alcoholic drinks menu, pampering of our digestive tract. The watermelon cocktail, with ginger, lemon and cucumber, and the Virgin G&T with juniper, tonic and citrus. The panela tamarind water with spices, and the soft and caressing cucumber lemonade. Also a finding for a public compliment: the soda of the house, one of gulupa and vanilla, and another one of ginger; simply splendid.

Mesa Franca, a good representative of the new Colombian culinary, with local ingredients and elaboration of haute cuisine, which demonstrate research and love for the same.


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