Media such as the BBC have made public the investigations that have been carried out on how clean a hotel room can be. These researches have discovered that even hotels with a greater number of stars lodge in their rooms tiny organisms that cause diseases.

A product promoted in the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, claims to have the solution with a robot whose main mission is to eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria present on the surface where it is placed.

As if it were a Roomba vacuum, those discs that go around the house cleaning dust particles and other solid waste, the Cleansebot makes a tour of the entire surface of a bed to kill, thanks to ultraviolet light, all bacteria, germs and mites that you find in your path.

The process is automatic, just press a button, put it between the mattress and the blankets and let him walk around the bed to complete his journey. The interesting thing about this product is that, thanks to its sensors powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), it will never get stuck inside the bed or fall out of it.

According to its developers, the wheels used by the device, which are still pending to be patented, make the Cleansebot travel through any surface without problem. ” “There is no other technology like this,” they say.

A test applied to the product showed that only 30 seconds of exposure to this ultraviolet light (UV-C) are sufficient to kill an E. coli bacterium , a microorganism that may be able to cause abdominal pain, diarrhea with blood and vomiting in his victims.

This device can also be used to disinfect other elements present in the daily life of people such as cell phones and laptops.

Among the features of this device is the incorporation of a 3,700 milliampere battery, similar to that used by a large number of smartphones on the market, a charging time of four hours and a range that allows it to operate during one hour.

In addition to the above, its weight is 220 grams and its size does not exceed 13 centimeters, aspect that sets it apart from its main competitors today: the huge disinfectant robots for hospital use used in operating rooms.


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