Leonardo DiCaprio has become an investor and adviser to Magnus, a free application that, like Shazam does with songs, allows the user to know the author, name and price of any work just by taking a photograph. The Oscar winner, who is part of the world elite of art collectors, joins in this way a movement that says seek to change the business, against the wishes of the great galleries.

The application has encountered several obstacles that its creator, Magnus Resch, blames the breakdown of the status quo that represents the disclosure of the prices of the works.

Right after its launch, for example, the AppStore suspended its download for five months due to complaints from several galleries and from the Artsy and ArtFacs databases that alleged that they were copying their information without permission. According to Resch, it was later decided that there was no basis in the accusations, and the app became available again. But the rejection was clear.

“DiCaprio is a collector, and they like our app a lot because it gives transparency. If you buy something on the Internet, you compare prices, but in art that does not exist. You can not google the price of a work, and that’s what we want to achieve, “says Resch, who can not talk confidentially how he met the protagonist of Titanic or how much money he invested in his company.

Getting into controversy, the actor says he is “proud to partner with Magnus and his ability to educate people in the art that surrounds them,” according to the press release announcing his participation. It is known that a number of individual investors, who contributed between one and 10 million dollars (between 800,000 and seven million euros) to Mangnus, also enter it.

And that money does not give them the right to property: “They invest because they believe in the idea and the mission that we have. We are a free application, we do not have profits. At this early stage, those who join do so because they like what we do, “says Resch, who says he will use the money to expand the database in which about 40 people work between Berlin, London, New York and The Angels.


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