Over the past decade, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have changed the global financial space. Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and since then, this cryptocurrency has given people all over the world the opportunity to make millions of dollars by simply investing in them. The Bitcoin bull run, that took place in 2017, turned many investors around the world into millionaires, and it is expected that another Bitcoin bull is on its way. 

bitcoin compass review

Despite the potential to make money, Bitcoin investors face a significant problem; where and how to store their digital coins safely. Most of the crypto exchanges are quite complicated and some have been hacked over the years, resulting in investors losing millions of dollars in the process. All that changed with the introduction of Bitcoin CFDs (contracts for differences), which allow people to invest in Bitcoin without having to own the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin CFD trading has become a very popular investing and trading method, which is why it is equally important to have products and tools that will make CFD trading easier. One of the products that is most popular is automated trading software. Bitcoin Compass is a powerful and effective automated trading software, and due to its status, we will be reviewing it to determine how it works and if it boosts trading success. 

bitcoin compass review

In this review, we will analyze the Bitcoin Compass software and decide whether or not it can help you make a profit from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the market. 

Here is a comprehensive review of the Bitcoin Compass and how it works.


What is Bitcoin Compass?

Bitcoin Compass is an automated CFD trading software that enables people to invest and trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with minimal effort. It allows them to make money trading cryptocurrencies without having to worry about what regular traders have to go through, including market analysis and an understanding of the factors that move the markets.

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When you visit the Bitcoin Compass homepage, the first thing that grabs your attention is a video that discusses the positive impacts of Bitcoin. Over the past decade, Bitcoin has had and continues to have a positive effect on millions of people across the world, leading to famous personalities like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and many others to speak about the revolutionary value of the cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin Compass, as an automated software, scans the market every day in search of profitable trading opportunities. With access granted by the trader, the software makes trading decisions, enters and exit trades at the appropriate time. As a result of this, you will get to make profits trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without spending hours in front of your computer on a daily basis. Bitcoin Compass has made cryptocurrency trading very easy that virtually everyone can do it. Trading doesn’t get easier than this.

After using the software and carrying out further research on the software, we identified some of the most significant advantages of the Bitcoin Compass software. Bitcoin Compass analyzes the markets faster than a human can, with a time leap of 0.01 seconds. This feature means that Bitcoin Compass determines the next directional movement of the market even before it happens, thus, enabling you to gain a head start while trading. With such software, you are bound to make huge profits trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And the best part is that you are trading passively; that is, you do not even need to be in front of your computer to make money. 

As an automated software, Bitcoin Compass saves you hours you would otherwise spend in front of a computer analyzing the market and searching for profitable trading opportunities. You can do other activities or even sleep, while the Bitcoin Compass actively trades on your behalf. Another significant advantage of the Bitcoin Compass is that it is a software meant for everyone. Even those who have never traded cryptocurrencies before can do so using this effective software. Bitcoin Compass will do all the analysis for you, and then based on your trading preferences set on the software, it will open and close trades for you automatically in your trading account. 


Bitcoin Compass – Is This Automated Trading Software a Scam or Legit?

bitcoin compass website review

As a trader, one of the first questions you need to ask is the legitimacy of a trading software. When you search online, you will encounter several Bitcoin automated software. However, what sets Bitcoin Compass apart is that it doesn’t promise to deliver 100% success to traders. Understandably, some trades will fail. Thus, no trading software can guarantee users 100% success rate. If any software promises that, then it is probably a scam. 

The high number of positive reviews received by the Bitcoin Compass over the years increases its legitimacy. When you check their homepage, you will see the testimonials of some of its users, with most of them recording over a thousand dollars in earnings every day. The best part is that they have been able to achieve this high level of success by committing only a few minutes of ‘work’ every day to tend to their trades. Bitcoin Compass software virtually carries out everything to ensure trading success, ensuring that it enters profitable trades and exits when the market conditions are right. You will be required to set trading parameters for the software, such as how much you wish to invest per trade, your preferred trading assets, risk appetite, trading strategies, and more. Bitcoin Compass takes over afterward and carries out everything automatically on your behalf.

Another advantage of the Bitcoin Compass software is that it is entirely free to use. Unlike the other software solutions in the market, Bitcoin Compass doesn’t charge hidden fees or commissions for using their software. During our review, we used the software for a week and were able to earn over $4,000 during that period. Bitcoin Compass ensures that the payment system is streamlined to make it easy for users to deposit and withdraw their earnings. As a result of this, we didn’t encounter any issue when withdrawing our funds, with our bank account credited with the money in less than 72 hours. 

To ensure that the traders get access to the best trading platforms, Bitcoin Compass works with only the leading and reliable brokers in the industry. The brokers provide customers with access to the trading platforms where they can trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin Compass team carefully reviewed the brokers and ensured that they provide an all-inclusive trading environment. As a result of this, regardless of the platform you choose, you will have access to their various educational materials, trading tools, safe and secure payment and banking options, as well as access to a very robust and professional customer support team. Bitcoin Compass has ensured that it provides you with everything you need to effectively trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and to make profits in the process. 


The Bitcoin Compass App – How to Open an Account and Get Started

One of the perks of the Bitcoin Compass software is that it is easy to use. To register with Bitcoin Compass and open an account, all you have to do is visit their official website and access the registration form on the homepage. The platform will require you to provide some basic personal information, such as your full name, email address, and a password. The password you are to create should be a strong one and easily remembered by you. This is to ensure that your account remains safe at all times. Bitcoin Compass takes the security of user accounts very seriously, thus the reason why they suggest using a strong password to protect your trading account. 

The next step will require you to provide your country of residence in addition to your telephone number. After providing this data, you can submit your application, and your Bitcoin Compass account will be opened in seconds. 

After opening your Bitcoin Compass account, the next step is to fund the account before you start trading cryptocurrencies. Although using the Bitcoin Compass software is free, you still need to deposit funds into your account before you can start trading as the software will require trading capital in order to trade for you. That is, the money you deposit will serve as the working capital for your trading activities. The minimum deposit amount required is $250, and Bitcoin Compass accepts multiple payment methods, including bank wire transfer, credit/debit cards, and electronic wallets. 

After funding your Bitcoin Compass account, the last step is to set your trading parameters, such as how much you wish to invest per trade, your preferred trading assets, risk appetite, trading strategies, and more. The software then takes over and places trades on your behalf as soon as a profitable trading opportunity is found. Some traders prefer to be in control of their trading activities, which is why there is also a manual trading option. You can choose to trade manually anytime you wish and can switch between manual and automated modes with ease. 

Bitcoin Compass has made trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies so much easier for everyone, so even if you are new to the online world of trading, you can now trade profitably. 


How Does Bitcoin Compass Improve the Trading Experience? 

At this point, we would like to talk about how essential automated trading software is. In the financial markets, be it crypto, forex, or stock, the prices of assets are primarily affected by news and events. Some of these events include interest rates, GDP reports, political events, product launches, token swaps, release of new software, and more. As an independent trader, you will spend hours analyzing the markets and trying to understand why the prices of the assets are moving. You will also be figuring out the perfect opportunities to trade in your preferred assets. 

Overall, you will be looking at the historical price movement of an asset before you make any trading decisions. You will be required to check for future trends or events that might affect the price of an asset and make trading decisions based on those assumptions. To do this effectively, you will need to sit in front of a computer for hours every day. It also requires that you have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the financial markets. However, all this will not be a problem if you are using an automated trading software, such as Bitcoin Compass. The software carries out the analysis on your behalf, saving you the time you would have otherwise spent in front of a computer. It also makes the trading decisions based on your trading settings to ensure that you make profits while trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 


Who is Behind the Bitcoin Compass Software?

The team behind a software or a platform also plays a significant role in determining the products legitimacy. Bitcoin Compass is created by a group of dedicated financial market trading experts and analysts with years of experience. The team members have worked in various aspects of the industry including at investment firms. Although they spent years making money for their wealthy clients, these experts believed that there is enough money to be made by everyone. As a result of this, they created a software that would enable anyone to take advantage of the cryptocurrency market and to make a profit in the process. 

They developed a considerate and powerful trading algorithm that scans the cryptocurrency markets with a high accuracy level. The algorithm enabled the software to have a high accuracy level of over 98%, ensuring that people who use the Bitcoin Compass software often end up making profits from their trades. The software has been designed to handle both fundamental and technical analysis to scan the markets. With fundamental analysis, the software focuses on qualitative analysis, taking into consideration important information such as earnings reports, economic news, central bank decisions, and several others. Technical analysis, meanwhile, focuses on quantitative data. The software analyzes relevant technical data, such as the historical price movements of assets and their price charts. Fundamental and technical analysis, combined with your trading parameters, helps the software to determine sell and buy signals. The Bitcoin Compass makes all the trading decisions on your behalf, ensuring that you make a profit from your trades. 

To make it easier for you to use the Bitcoin Compass software, there is a demo account that allows you to understand how the platform works. The demo account gives you the opportunity to try out and understand how the software works and you can also test out your trading strategies before trading with real money. After this, you can fund your trading account, set the software to automated mode, and sit back while you make profits trading Bitcoin and other cryptos. 


Benefits of the Bitcoin Compass Software

There are several trading software currently available in the market. However, the Bitcoin Compass is only focused on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, making it more accurate and profitable. It is also ideal for anyone who is interested in crypto and trading them in the financial markets.

The Bitcoin Compass offers several benefits to traders including;

Zero Fees

One of the essential advantages of using the Bitcoin Compass is that you do not have to pay anything for using the software. There are no registration fees, annual account maintenance fees, or any other hidden charges. Traders get to keep 100% of the profit they make while using the software.

Perfect for Beginners

Most trading software are complicated and hard to navigate. Not Bitcoin Compass. The user interface of the software has been designed to make it easy for both novice and experienced traders to use. Thus, even if you are new to the trading world, you can easily use the Bitcoin Compass software.

Automated and Manual Trading Features

Depending on your preference, you can trade automatically or manually using this software. The Bitcoin Compass can take care of everything for you when you put it in an automatic trading mode. It will enter trades and exit them on your behalf. However, if you prefer trading by yourself, you can switch over to the manual trading mode. The Bitcoin Compass will still carry out market analysis for you, but you will be in charge of entering and exiting trades by yourself. 

Convenient to Use

In today’s world, convenience plays a crucial role in the success of a platform or software. The Bitcoin Compass is convenient to use since it doesn’t require you to download anything. Thus, you don’t have to worry about constantly updating the app. The software works perfectly with a wide range of brokers and can be easily used from a computer or a mobile device.

Demo Account

The Bitcoin Compass has demo accounts where traders can learn how to navigate the markets and use the software before they begin trading with real money. The demo accounts enable traders to familiarize themselves with the software and to understand how to set up their trading parameters. The demo accounts have everything you will need, including a trading dashboard, and more.


Although it doesn’t promise 100% success, the Bitcoin Compass software is a highly profitable one. It has an accuracy level of 98%, allowing traders to make up to $1,300 per day trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The best part is that traders can make this money without working much. You only need to commit a few minutes of your time every day to make it happen. The Bitcoin Compass software does all the work for you.

Safe and Secure

Another benefit of using this software is that it both safe and secure. The Bitcoin Compass has tight security measures that ensure that users’ funds and personal information remain secure and confidential at all times. The payment system is streamlined to make it easy for traders to deposit and withdraw their funds from the Bitcoin Compass. The team also partners with some of the leading banks in the world, for safe and secure banking options.

Friendly and Professional Customer Service

Effective customer service is the key to success in trading. The Bitcoin Compass support team is active, friendly, and very professional. They are comprised of individuals with an in-depth knowledge of the financial markets, enabling them to help customers with varying degrees of issues. In addition to that, the brokers used by Bitcoin Compass also have excellent customer service that is available to you when you need them.

When it comes to the needs of new and experienced traders, the Bitcoin Compass meets these needs and provides trader with several benefits that would allow them to effectively navigate the cryptocurrency market and make profits in the process. If you wish to make money from trading Bitcoin and other cryptos, then the Bitcoin Compass software is the right choice for you.


Bitcoin Compass Frequently Asked Questions

Although we have adequately discussed the features and advantages that the Bitcoin Compass offers to customers, it is only natural that you might still have more questions regarding this fantastic software. As a result, we have included an FAQ section to effectively provide you with short but precise answers to further questions you might have about the Bitcoin Compass software. 

How much does it cost to open an account with Bitcoin Compass?

It is free to open an account with Bitcoin Compass and to use their software. One of its advantages is that it doesn’t charge hidden fees or commissions to use its services. However, to trade cryptocurrencies using the Bitcoin Compass, you will be required to make a minimum deposit of $250. This will serve as your trading capital and would be fully available to you for trading purposes. 

How much time would I be required to commit daily to use the Bitcoin Compass app?

With the Bitcoin Compass, you don’t have to dedicate hours every day in front of your computer. You will be required only to spend a few minutes each day to set up your trading parameters. The details needed include how much you want to invest in each trade, the assets you wish to trade, your risk appetite and a few other parameters. The convenience of use means that you can set up your trading parameters from either a computer or a phone, and you can do so from any part of the world, even while at the beach! 

Can I really make money trading cryptos with the Bitcoin Compass app?

Yes, you can. Due to the algorithms of the Bitcoin Compass software, your earnings potential is limitless. You can earn $1,300 or more every day, depending on your trading parameters and risk appetite. Some of its users have made millions within the first two months of using the Bitcoin Compass software. 

Can a new trader use the Bitcoin Compass app?

Yes, you can. The Bitcoin Compass has been designed to make it easy for anyone to use. Both experienced and new traders can easily navigate the cryptocurrency market using the Bitcoin Compass software and make money in the process. Experienced traders can also decide to use the trading signals generated by the software to determine the accuracy and effectiveness of their personal trading analysis and strategies. 


Bitcoin Compass – Start Trading Bitcoin Profitably Now

The Bitcoin Compass is an excellent and powerful automated cryptocurrency trading software that is very user-friendly. It enables people to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and to make a profit in the process. The Bitcoin Compass software has been made free to use; thus, you don’t have to pay any fees or annual maintenance charges to trade cryptocurrencies. It takes just minutes to open an account, fund the trading account, set up the trading parameters, and start trading Bitcoin and other cryptos. With the Bitcoin Compass software, you don’t need to spend hours each day in front of your computer trying to find profitable trading opportunities. The software does this on your behalf, and also executes trades for you. All you have to do is enjoy trading success without having to sweat over it. 



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