The US multinational Apple has acquired the British startup Platoon, which uses digital data analysis to help emerging artists, mostly musicians, to open a path in the industry, as published today by the specialized portal Music Business Worldwide.

According to the information, which has not yet been officially confirmed by the Californian firm, the purchase of this small company ( Platoon currently has only 12 employees) would be part of a strategy for Apple to find and promote artists in Exclusive

In this way, the company that runs Tim Cook would try to gain ground with its subscription music service (Apple Music) to its biggest competitor in this field, Spotify, by reinforcing the brand and offering content only available on its platform.

Platoon, founded in 2016 by Denzyl Feigelson, Ben Grabiner and Saul Klein, is fundamentally a label that uses digital techniques of data analysis to search for artists with potential on the internet and determine what is the best tactic to open a gap in the music market.

On the other hand, the CNBC economic portal published today that Apple has hired Jason Oberfest, the former delegate of the mobile application Mango Health, through which patients can keep track of their medication and receive rewards if they take the medications in a timely manner. correct and on time.


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