News is out that Microsoft is collaborating with Enjin, and as a result, this
cryptocurrency increased by 44 percent. The tech giant will be working with Enjin to
develop a blockchain-based recognition program.

The Partnership

Enjin is an IT firm based in Singapore and they are among the largest platforms that
focuses on the global gaming community. They are now partnering with Microsoft in a
project to develop an Azure recognition program. As a result, they have announced a
move to launch a pilot reward system, which they will be working on in conjunction with
This tokenized recognition program, referred to as Azure Heroes, will reward those who
contribute to the cloud-based computing program of Microsoft. That is, any person who
contributes to the Azure ecosystem, will receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies.
This includes creating demos, coaching, blogging about the system, building sample
codes, and solving certain challenges. In addition, members who go above and beyond
and provide exceptional contributions to the system, will also get recognition through
badges of badgers from different categories.

Azure Reward System

The reward system on this platform is designed to work in five tiers. These tiers will be
ranked from the top contributors and the most prestigious to the least. The tiers include
(1) Inclusive Leader; (2) Content Hero; (3) Community Hero; (4) Mentor and finally, (5)
The reward program will work on a nomination basis. If you have contributed to the
Azure cause, you can then choose to nominate yourself or others that you believe have
made a significant contribution. Once you are nominated, you will receive a QR code
that you can scan and in this way, you can collect your digital badger.
To keep things interesting, there are currently only 11,700 badgers available in the
system. However, more badgers will be produced each season.
The good thing is that the badgers are already tokenized to a digital asset on the
Ethereum public blockchain. Since they are ERC1155 types of token, they also allow for
a standard interface, which in turn gives room for multiple token type management.
What this means is that for a single contract which is deployed, it can include several
combinations from non-fungible, and fungible tokens, among other configurations.

The system allows users to personalize their accounts. It is also possible for the
ownership to be verified through the asset’s data. As a result, it gives room for bragging
rights from the users. For example, bragging about getting a particular badger first.

Gamification of Cryptocurrencies

Since they were introduced into the financial markets, most people have believed that
cryptocurrencies will gain mass adoption as a result of their store of value. Interestingly,
it is believed that it will be as a result of gaming that will boost the mass adoption of
cryptos and this path clearly has less obstacles. To top it off, tokenization of gaming is
not a new concept for gamers worldwide.
Despite the benefits, the fact is, blockchain gaming still has several hurdles that may
affect the industry. According to Jonathan Sterling, a gaming developer, there is a
problem of gaining virtual rewards and then simply exchanging them for cash. Sterling
believes that this will simply devalue the game for legit players. Based on this, only time
will tell if the Azure Heroes program will deliver as it promises to, without damaging the
gaming space.


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