January 20 '04
Personal Ponderings…………

This is an unscheduled publication written by some one who has no education for writing and has no expertise about any subject. From time to time things happen or are said that I feel compelled to say something about. I do indeed express my thoughts.

Tonight I watched the president, My President, George W. Bush , give the State of the Union Message. It was to me an unusual message. It was one of strength , truth, and one of specific things this nation needed to hear. I could not help but observe the absolute rudeness and disrespect for the office of the President by many of the Democratic party with Senators Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton being the most disrespectful. My point, Senator Kennedy, it’s time for you to go. Senator Clinton, I pray that your time never comes.

I lost count at 25 standing ovations with Republicans in attendance with these. The Democratic party offered very little energy toward any acceptance. Senator Kennedy was downright disgusting looking with his total disdain of the office of the President. No time in my life have I ever witnessed a member of the opposing party to make such an outstanding show of disrespect. I remember that Senator Kennedy did not get this much disrespect when he put the lady in the water.

The news media has recognized and has spoken out on the fact that our nation is further apart than it has ever appeared to be. I agree with them for once and I can see the reason for it. The problem happens to be that the Democratic party has lost touch with the respect for life and morality while they stand beating their chest proclaiming what great values they have. One Democratic candidate in the debates just prior to the Iowa caucus stated that the parties values and those of George Bush were as different as black and white. That in a nutshell is correct and is total truth. He just failed to recognize that the Dem. Party has lost all of it’s values by supporting the right to kill innocent babies while still in the womb. They have added to that by condoning, supporting, and putting on a pedestal those of the homosexual community. Now they have stooped so low as to embrace Civil Union “marriages” between same-sex partners. In doing so they have disgraced the laws of God and all mankind preceding them. They began their downfall by , generally speaking, being against the institution of prayer in the school systems and now have advanced to the point that they are supporting the removal of God and God’s word from the face of all mankind because it might “ offend” someone. When Pres. Bush spoke out that abstinence was the only way to truly prevent sexually transmitted disease, the Dem. Party clearly showed their displeasure with this. Values? If you support the Democratic party or candidates even on a local level, don’t talk to me about your values.

While writing this, I am also watching Howard Dean on a news re-run where he firmly stated that George Bush was not his neighbor. He needs to look at the definition of neighbor in the Word of God. But that’s how the party is thinking.

The race for the Dem. Nominee for president began with nine people involved. All of those nine agreed on several things. They all hated George Bush. They all supported abortion. They all supported civil unions. They all supported same sex benefits. They all criticized the “Religious Right” while they supported all these other immoralities. I’ve heard other democrats compare George Bush to Hitler. I’ve heard others say George Bush is the most dangerous man in the world. They all supported the almighty American Dollar as being the first priority in life. They all were foolish enough to ignore the laws of the USA and the State of Florida and say that George Bush was not legally elected. Most wanted to change the election process to the popular vote and stand against the electoral vote that has served this nation so well since this nation was formed by Christian principles. They all agree on the fact of The Separation of the Church and State when that is not even a written part of our Constitution or other parts of the law of the nation. Judges appointed largely by the Dem party have been responsible for making such un-American decisions such as the recent ruling of the removal of The Ten Commandments and the idea of not allowing God to be a part of the Government in any way, ---and abortion, and same sex marriages and benefits along with special privileges based on how they want to commit the sexual act.

It’s clear that our nation has slipped bigtime morally. It is clear that many of our leaders have fallen prey to having no common sense. It’s clear to me that all of the Democratic candidates think that money is morality. The president made the need for morality clear in his talk tonight and I have almost never heard that referred to by most presidents or candidates. He had the nerve to stand before the federal judges of the land and warn them if they continue to rule above the law that congress would act. I have never in my life heard that from another president. It was a long time coming and should have been said by most presidents preceding George Bush. But George Bush had guts enough to stand before the nation and say this.

The average democrat on the street has a right to be a democrat but I should counsel the man on the street to be very cautious where you are being led by your party and what you are supporting. Your party is leading you into an immoral position regardless of what you have been told or led to believe. It’s time for you to open your eyes and notice who and what you are supporting. Many democrats stand against the war in Iraq and that’s your privilege . If you will recall President Bush talked of some countries that were part of the Axis of Evil. He was not wrong. But at the same time, you are not aware that there is also an Axis of Evil within our own country. The President is gentleman enough and wise enough not to point out who is evil in our nation, but I am not. In my opinion, if a person is supportive of the things that any party such as the Democratic party supports, they may very well be unknowingly, a part of the American Axis of Evil from within. People are a part of that Axis of Evil from the voter to the highest judges in the land. Since Rowe Vs Wade, more than 43 million babies have been legally, but cruelly slaughtered in the mother’s womb by permission of the mother, those who made the law, and those who judge the laws. If that is not an Axis of Evil then there is no Evil. If you have voted anytime for the Democratic party since Rowe vs. Wade, you have to share in that responsibility of the more than 43 million innocent lives lost before they had a chance to breath outside the womb.

If you will recall, in the prior presidency of Bill Clinton, he was elected by the democratic party even though his moral life was in heavy question. In the first 14 days of his reign, he did more damage to the morals of America than we can get out of in the next 100 years. He put into law things that no good-ole-American-boy or real lady could accept in previous history. You also re-elected him even though he did all this. You watched as he disgraced all of mankind and womanhood as well as the hallowed rooms of our highest government buildings with the practice of oral sex with a young woman. You watched as he pointed his finger at you and said ‘I did not have sex with that girl”. And then you watched as he told you after he was caught up with the most outstanding lie I ever heard. He did not know that oral sex was actually sex. And then you watched as your fellow democrats in national office quickly forgave him and actually stood up for him in front of man and God and convinced you to still follow him. Man on the street and woman on the street,--- it’s time for you to open your eyes and see were this party is leading you. Believe me, you ain’t gonna’ wanna’ go there!!!

And then you have the nerve to stand and criticize George Bush!!

Bob Jackson

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