Concerning The South

A Southerner's Response to a Critic


It would certainly behoove you and others intent on speaking disparagingly of the South to at least spend some time studying Southern culture if it is not possible for you to dwell here for a spell. But, then, I guess it is easier to criticize a region based on the views propagated by a liberal and regionally biased news media than to personally investigate and discover the real truth.

I suggest to you that there may just be no finer region in the world to call home. The climate is neither frigid nor tropical but falls in the temperate zone. Maybe it is this temperate zone that enables us to temperately embrace people of all race, creed, culture, ethnic origin, and religious persuasion. We welcome them to join our ranks, and we will lovingly assimilate them, warts and all, into our culture.

We of the South are proud of our heritage and still maintain we fought the "WAR" for state's rights and not slavery. Race relations in the South are a model for our country. Our women are among the most beautiful, motherly, and intelligent of women found anywhere. Our men are courteous, genteel, folksy, and brave. Our political values reflect mainstream America. Our institutions of higher learning produce individuals capable of meeting any challenge in the workplace without producing an egomanicial ivy-leaguer.

We still have many areas where people fearlessly leave unoccupied automobiles unlocked, and sleep peacefully in unlocked homes. Come to think of it, maybe it is a good thing that we suffer the barbs and stings of the media, 'cause if the word (the real truth about the South) ever got out, we would not have living space to accommodate all the immigrants.

We once spoke of a future time when the "The South Will Rise Again", but no more. No, we have already risen, and we did so without firing a shot or putting down our fellow countrymen. We are the new "South" and damn proud of it!

Wayne Carter 11/30/95

Historical Note: This statement was prompted by remarks made by a Northern colleague reflecting a low opinion of Southerners.
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